Visitation in Divorce Mediation

“Visitation” is now also known as “parenting access” or “parenting time”. The terminology has changed to reflect the fact that time spent with children should be quality time between a parent and children to promote the relationship and bond, rather than be deemed just a “visit” with the non-residential parent.

Each parent, unless deemed a danger or risk to the safety/well being of the children, has indisputable rights to regular time with his/her children.

Through the divorce mediation process, Steven E. Shumer will be able to assist you and your spouse in establishing a parenting access schedule that is fair to both parties as well as the children, keeping children’s schedule in mind as well as the schedules of the parents.

Divorce mediation assures that the lives of the children will not be disrupted more than necessary. In the process of litigation, the children are very often assigned their own attorney such that the children become part of the litigation process. By proceeding and resolving disputes via divorce mediation, you are serving the interests of your children by guaranteeing that they will not be brought to court, will not speak with attorneys and will not be involved in the negotiations other than as you and your spouse deem necessary and appropriate for your children. In sum, you decide what is best for your children as parents, not a court system that has no familiarity with your family and specifically with your children’s needs.

What should be clear is that the courts have gone away from the time when a non-residential parent would receive a “standard” alternating weekend visit and one visit each week for dinner. The belief is now that each parent, if able to do so, should be afforded relatively comparable time with their children. Mr. Shumer’s years of negotiating parenting access schedules can assure mediating parties that, with his guidance, they will likely be able to reach an amicable resolution on this sensitive issue without significant conflict or the need for court intervention.

Mr. Shumer’s experience as a divorce litigator and divorce mediator affords him the ability to assist you and your spouse in the divorce mediation process with knowledge and confidence, while being sensitive and attentive to your needs and those of your children.

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