Maintenance in Divorce Mediation

“Spousal support”, “alimony” or simply “maintenance” is money an ex-spouse may be required to pay the other spouse after a divorce. The issue has always been hotly contested by parties to divorce but has recently been streamlined by the creation of guidelines that set the presumptive amounts due from a supporting spouse to a financially dependent spouse. These guidelines have helped to ease the conflict over this issue thereby allowing more couples to take advantage of the divorce mediation process when, in the past, spousal maintenance often served as a bar to a successful divorce mediation.

Based upon the new maintenance guidelines, Steven E. Shumer can take the confusion out of the questions involving maintenance requests and entitlements. Through the divorce mediation process, Mr. Shumer will provide you and your spouse with the guidelines requirements for maintenance and then open communication on the subject as part of a discussion of the global issues involved in your marriage.

At Berger, Fischoff, Shumer, Wexler & Goodman, LLP, through the divorce mediation process, you will work with Steven E. Shumer, an experienced divorce attorney and divorce mediator well versed in the area of maintenance and spousal support. Through the divorce mediation process, our goal is to limit any unfair economic effects on either party that a maintenance request or award may have. We will utilize the maintenance discussion as one of many conversations that make up the global divorce mediation process, a process that usually benefits all involved as compared to a litigated and costly divorce action.

The extremely confusing nature of the statutory maintenance guidelines can often be simplified by Steven E. Shumer through the divorce mediation process. Our attorneys can offer you the proper guidance and advice needed to reach an amicable mediation settlement.

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