Custody in Divorce Mediation

In confrontational situations, custody is often the most sensitive of divorce and family law subjects. Two parents at odds over who would better serve the interests of their most valued possession; their child. Emotions often take over leaving the court to determine what is in the best interests of the child. In making this decision the court will consider various factors including:

  • The child’s age
  • The child’s health
  • The parents’ respective health
  • The parents’ availability to the child
  • The standard of living of the family
  • The opinions of the child if the court considers them old enough and mature enough to give their opinion

Through the process of divorce mediation, decisions on custody remain in the hands of the parties who truly should have at the forefront of their minds, one question: What is in the best interests of our child?

When you and your spouse are peaceful with one another and working together to resolve your differences through divorce mediation, most often, you would resolve the issue of custody via an agreement to hold joint legal custody (where you and your spouse are expected to work together to make major decisions affecting your child as if you were still married with neither party having a greater say on any given issue).

In any case, child custody is an extremely sensitive, complex, important and, potentially, life changing issue. Steven E. Shumer, an attorney with more than 25 years of experience in the area of divorce and divorce mediation, has the proper skillset to assist mediating parties in reaching amicable and peaceful settlements on subjects as vital as child custody with knowledge and confidence, while being sensitive and attentive to your needs and those of your child.

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